​​​​​​The Denver Broncos are Super Bowl champions after defeating the heavily favored Carolina Panthers in the 50th anniversary of the big game.  Denver got off to an early lead and never looked back, using their strong defense to stifle the league's most potent offense during the regular season.  As the game became more and more out of reach, did viewers stick around hoping for a great comeback story or to watch the legendary Peyton Manning finish his career with his second Super Bowl tile?  While we might not be able to answer what kept people watching we do know this once a year event attracts more than just football fans, it brings groups of people of all ages together for a great day of entertainment. 

Quick facts

  • The Super Bowl is still by far the most watched sporting event of the broadcast season.
  • Bell was by far the heaviest advertiser during the game on CTV Toronto.
  • The game outperformed the Grey Cup by 80% and the final game of the Blue Jays' playoffs by 44%.
  • 10% of viewers who tuned in to the Super Bowl didn't watch any ​​other NFL game this season.
  • The Coldplay, Bruno Mars & Beyoncé half time performance drew the largest audience.
  • 68% of viewers watched the game in groups of 2 or more.

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