Spring 2015 viewing

Looking at TV tuning across total Canada, it has dropped slightly, by just over 1 hour/week, amongst all Ind2+ compared to the last couple of years where tuning was 28.6 and 28.4 hours/week.  This drop however is not consistent across the different Anglo markets with Toronto Ind2+ watching 8% less TV but Ind2+ in Calgary watching 1% more.

We have highlighted some facts from our 2015 Spring Hot Topic below.  For clients that are interested in the full interactive report please contact Jordan Rothel (jrothel@nlogic.ca).  You can also check out our Fall 2014 Hot Topic report here​

  • Teens' viewing drops 14% (approximately 2.5 hours per week).  Teens' share of viewing to different station groups has shifted in favour of conventional, pay and digital stations at the expense of both Canadian & US specialty stations.
  • Kids 2-11 in Edmonton are watching more TV over the past year, jumping from 15.8 hours/ week to 18.2.  Kids in Montreal Franco, followed by Calgary are watching the most, with 24.0 and 19.9 hours/week respectively.
  • Quebec Spring viewing is up 1 additional hour per week versus the Fall, which means they now watch 7 more hours per week than the rest of Canada.
  • Big Bang Theory continues to come out on top across Anglo Canada – not much surprise here!  Although, with Canadian teams in the NHL Playoffs, Big Bang Theory dropped to 2nd and 3rd spot in Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal Anglo.
  • In Anglo Canada Hawaii Five-O is the show with the most playback viewing (43%).  However, Calgary viewing to local stations show that 69% of Big Brother viewing was by playback.

Summer has traditionally seen a dip in viewing.  Last year Ind2+ in Canada watched almost 4 hours less TV/week in summer vs spring which is consistent with 2013.  However, in recent years broadcasters have used these "quieter" months to launch key series. This year is no exception with several new and returning series beginning in June. Could they, along with the Women's World Cup and the Pan Am Games, help to keep viewing steady over the coming months? ​