​​TV stays the course

For our annual Spring Hot Topic report, things are looking pretty steady.  Across all major markets, weekly TV tuning has not significantly changed.  When looking at share by station, it’s a similar story in most markets with the exception of Canadian Digital growing a worthy amount in Ontario, Edmonton, Calgary; US Specialty increasing in Ontario, and Canadian Conventional continuing to grow in Montreal (Franco).  

Here are a couple other highlights.  For the full report please email cbarr@nlogic.ca*.

  • Edmonton and Montreal show increased average weekly tuning year over year for 2+, which has increased by .7 hours and .2 hours respectively. 
  • Quebec Franco continues to dominate in total hours tuned compared to the rest of Canada tuning in over  32 hours per week,  almost 6 hours over the national average. 
  • Big Bang Theory on CTV remains the top con​​ventional program overall for Total Canada 2+ followed by La Voix on TVA for Total Canada, 2+
  • Looking at English Canada for A25-54, The X- Files beats out Big Bang Theory in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver/Victoria for top conventional program
  • The Blacklist falls into the playback category for English Top 10, with just over 46% of viewers watching through playback
  • The highest % Live viewing in the English Top 10 is NCIS: New Orleans at 77%.  

* InfoSys+TV or Lens subscription and excel 2010 required to access full report.

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