Quebecers love their TV!

There are lots of differences in TV tuning across demographics and regions in Canada, some that might surprise you more than others! We've recently looked at viewing habits from Fall 2013 to Fall 2014 and thought we would highlight a few of these differences and other interesting facts for you.

  1. Quebecers watch 6 hours more TV per week than the rest of Canada – that's over 300 hours more per year!!

  2. Total Canada Fall tuning has increased by almost 3% over Fall 2013 for Ind.2+.

  3. Children 2-11 in Vancouver watch 3 hours more TV a week than the rest of Canada.  Maybe it's the rainy weather keeping them inside?

  4. 4 out of the top 10 conventional programs are new shows amongst all viewers in Total Canada.
  5. The Flash is the top new conventional program amongst all viewers in Total Canada.

  6. Up against The Voice and NCIS New Orleans, Marvel's Agents of Shield fell into the playback category with the highest % of playback viewers amongst the Top 10 conventional programs for Ind.2+ in Total Canada. (42%).   The Voice and NCIS New Orleans held top live viewing with 74% and 76% respectively.

  7. 3 out of the top 10 conventional programs are new shows amongst A25-54 in Total Canada.

  8. Among A25-54, Castle won the Monday 10pm time slot over Under the Dome with 71% live audience, leaving Under the Dome with the highest % (55%) of playback viewers for Top 10 conventional programs in Total Canada.         
  9. Disney Jr. audience growing, bumping Teletoon English out of the top 5 stations for C2-11 vs 2013 in Total Canada.

Specifics on these findings and more are available through our Fall 2014 Hot Topic tool which lets you easily find details by demographic, region, program and station with the click of a button.  To receive access to this tool, please contact Jordan Rothel.


InfoSys+TV subscription and excel 2010 required to access full report.