​​​​​Despite messages of city-wide gridlock, encouraging people to work from home, and low ticket sales, Torontonians showed their support for the Pan Am / Parapan Am Games.  Althought it didn't translate across the nation.  So what does this mean for the Olympic games?  Is it really worth it for Toronto to put in a bid? ​ Here is a summary of how the Pan Am and Parapan Am games performed across Canada.​​

​Pan Am Games

  • The Pan Am games reached 63.4% of all Canadians (22.2m)
  • Compares to reach of 6.4% for the 2011 Pan Am games held in Guadelajara – coverage consisted of Opening Ceremony and 2 weekly highlights programs
  • Unsurprisingly this year Toronto was the most interested with 74.2% of all Ind2+ watching at least a minute
  • Calgary had the lowest reach with 47.7% of all Ind2+
  • Excluding the opening day, Sat July 18th had the highest reach – coverage that day would have included the Baseball semifinal Canada vs Puerto Rico
  • The average Canadian watched 165 mins of coverage over the whole period (the average person in Toronto watched 275 minutes (maybe because they couldn't drive anywhere to do anything else)
  • In terms of composition 31.4% of total viewing came from 25-54 year olds. Toronto was the only market that over indexed for teen viewing (7.2% vs national average of 5.6%) and Vancouver was the only market that over indexed for kids 2-11 (10.2% vs national average of 7.9%)

Parapan Am Games

  • Much lower reach – 25.4% of Canadians
  • Again the same pattern by city: Toronto highest at 34.3% and Calgary lowest at 15.8%
  • The highest day by far was opening day where almost 2m Canadians watched the opening ceremony for at least a minute (compared to reach of 1.2m for the closing ceremony)​​