​The Great Eight is no more!

With the conclusion of the second round of NHL Playoffs we are now down from eight to the final four teams. Even after guaranteeing a victory Alex Ovechkin couldn’t get his Washington Capitals past the New York Rangers in their game 7 match-up sending the Great Eight home early again this year. Sadly, no Canadian teams have advanced to the Conference Finals with the Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadians failing to advance but there are still lots of Canadian born players to cheer for with Anaheim leading the way with 15 Canadian players on their team.  Are they our new favourite team? Will audiences continue to increase through this next round or will the lack of Canadian teams affect viewing?  Please let us know what you think in our survey following our Round 2 summary below.  We will be back again after the next round.

  • The NHL Playoffs have now been viewed by almost 78% of all Canadians, up from 71% in round 1. 
  • Round 2 reached 65% of all Canadians compared to 71% for round 1
  • Again the Montreal series was the most watched averaging 4.8m viewers per game (down 8% on round 1) and was watched by 55% of all Ind2+
  • Game 5 of the Montreal vs Tampa Bay series was the most watched averaging 5.3m viewers
  • The most watched non-Canadian game was game 7 of the New York Rangers vs Washington series which averaged 2.1m Ind2+

Blog image: NYDailyNews.com

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