​​​​​Fair-weather fans

Are Canadians ​​​real sports fans or just fans of winning? ​

In the news lately there has been a lot of talk about the NHL playoffs not generating the audience numbers as expected and even some comments around fan loyalty. 

With the lack of a Canadian teams in the NHL Playoffs it is unsurprising that the viewing figures for hockey are lower than last year. This Sunday saw the highest viewing to a playoff game so far with 1.18m Ind2+ on average watching Florida vs New York Islanders (considerably lower however than the 3.77m who watched the Montreal/Ottawa game on second Sunday of playoffs last year).

Viewing to Blue Jays games however has got off to a good start with games on average performing 28% better than last year. And with the Raptors continuing in the playoffs, viewing of their games has started to surpass the Blue Jays.

So are we just fair-weather fans?  I don't think so, maybe just overly disappointed hockey ones at the moment.

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