​​​​​David Price brings in the $$ and the eyeballs

Not only are the Blue Jays at the top of the leaderboard this season, but they are pulling in higher ticket prices and bigger audiences.   "Before the (David Price) trade, an estimated $60,000 had been spent on tickets on the secondary market (i.e. StubHub) for Monday's (Aug 3) game. In the five days between the trade and Price's first start, an estimated $300,000 was spent on the secondary market for the game."*  Looking at the average attendance since the start of the season based on the Blue Jay website, it has jumped from 29,230 before Price to 40,583!

When we look at the TV viewing data, we see a similar jump. For the 8 series between July 21st to Aug 16th,  Ind2+ Total Canada, here's what we found:

  • Viewing has grown 85%  since the David Price debut (in the last 4 series vs the previous 4)
  • Viewing has increased across all demos however has grown slightly more amongst younger audiences (with the AMA for teens growing by 230%)
  • The Ind 2+AMA in the Toronto EM has doubled since Price joined​
  • 2/3 of total viewing is coming from Ontario
  • Viewing has increased 52% over 8 series in the same period last year 

When we look at other recent sporting events, like the Pan Am, Parapan Am and Rogers Cup, the Blue Jays' 4 series post Price trade, lead the pack with an 'Average minute audience' (AMA) of 1,335,000, as highlighted in the chart above.  

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