​Celebrating 10 years
Past, present and future

In September, NLogic turned 10.  Obviously, we celebrated by eating too much cake, drinking too much fizzy pop, occasionally staring absent-mindedly into space whilst scratching our ear, and arguing with our parents about the amount of time we were spending on our devices instead of talking to our Aunties and Uncles (who, it was pointed out repeatedly, had driven a really long way just to be here).

Once the tears had dried, the guests had left and the effects of the sugar had worn off, we became reflective.  After all, a lot has happened since 2006, and it's clear that a lot more will happen in the 10 years ahead of us.  We grabbed our pencils and wrote down our thoughts (retyped below): 

The last 10:

The industry has seen a level and pace of change that is possibly unmatched in its history.  From our perspective, some of the most significant elements of this transformation are:

  • tremendous technological transformations, from the consumer world (remember Nokia?) to the business world
  • increased (and increasing) consolidation and centralization
  • an ongoing battle against commodification (waged by both agencies and broadcasters)
  • the arc of digital media from novelty, to apparent existential threat, to its current status as one more player in a broad and varied ecosystem (from 'either/or' to 'both/and')
  • the burgeoning growth of advanced advertising solutions in TV (e.g. Corus' return path data offerings)
  • the ongoing effectiveness of TV and radio
  • the enduring solidity of revenue for both TV and radio

The next 10:

We see no slackening in the rate of change for our industry.  If anything, the next few years could well see more dramatic and exciting shifts than we've seen to date.  Here are some factors we anticipate influencing our industry in the decade ahead:

  • non-programmatic programmatic.  In other words, technology that makes the buying and selling of radio and TV less manual, more responsive and more flexible, without the traps of fraud, opaqueness and commodification seen to date in digital
  • the increase of addressable TV, in a Canada-specific way
  • the increase of audience-based buying in broadcast, with a rise in price differentiation as a result
  • massive consolidation in ad tech and any digital entities not named Facebook or Google
  • a rebalancing back to broadcast over concerns around digital transparency and effectiveness (a shift already happening in the US and UK)
  • increased concentration from broadcasters and marketers alike on non-spot advertising revenue streams from TV and radio

And what about NLogic?  Well, we too have transformed in the last 10 years.  As well as a new name and new brand, we have fundamentally changed who we are.  As we watched our industry transform, we realized that we too needed to transform.  The tools we were able to offer you, and the speed with which we could offer them, had to get radically better.  Consequently, we made a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment in the future, by establishing our in-house software development team.  This award-winning team has already released 6 new tools in the last 18 months alone, several of which were industry firsts.  And we're poised to do much, much more in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Our aim is to help our industry face the future equipped with tools that make them more successful.  More specifically, we will:

  • continue to provide clients with modern, innovative, intuitive, hosted tools
  • enable clients to reallocate their resources away from low-value work to high-value work
  • use industry-leading technology to integrate data where it's needed, when it's needed
  • grow data and insights around 'what happened next', particularly with regards to broadcast advertising


It's always tricky predicting the future.  After all, it's supposed to be unknown.  But there are a couple of things we are sure of.  Firstly, and most importantly, we are nothing without you.  We're incredibly grateful for the support the industry has shown us over the last 10 years – thank you.  And secondly, the future belongs to those who invest in it; emotionally, intellectually and financially.  We're deeply invested in the future of this industry – in all senses of the word – and we're excited to be in it with you.​