​Summer holiday season is around the corner.  A time when it becomes increasing harder to schedule a team meeting, get approval to project milestones, or find someone to answer the phones.  Will you be one of the many struggling to get out of the city? Based on our Spring 2016 RTS Survey of over 40,000 Canadians, in the past 3 years more Canadians are choosing to stay closer to home for their vacations rather than travelling abroa​​d.  Whether at the cottage or exploring their own city, they are not going too far.  And for this summer, with the struggling Loonie, we can't see it changing much. 

For the TV industry, summers are no longer a time when we're stuck watching reruns and shows that were not good enough to make the in-season cut. New shows and season premieres have already launched making sure all those enjoying a staycation also have a chance to check out some new programming or just keep up with their favourite shows.



  • ​​Calgary has highest percent of adults who travel to England
  • Quebec has highest percent of 18-34s who travel to Cuba
  • Montreal Anglo has highest percent of 35-54s who travel to NYC