​With the Blue Jays' phenomenal 2015 baseball season behind us, talk has already started about what will happen in 2016.  Several changes have some folks skeptical that we'll be able to repeat this year's performance, including a new GM that has already indicated things will be run much differently and the potential loss of some free agents that were fundamental in this season's success as showcased in our summer blog: The David Price effect.  ​

When we looked at the last two seasons for TV tuning, clearly this past season hit a home run!  It will be interesting to see what Shapiro will do and how it will affect next season. 

Below are some highlights from our deep dive into the Blue Jays' playoff games. For the complete Blue Jay Hot Topic report, please log in to our Support Centre .*

  • Fans are pretty loyal!  The average TV viewer of a Jays' game watched approx. 40% of each playoff game compared to just 27.5% during the first month of the season.
  • Game 6 of the ALDS series against Texas had the highest daily average reach of all Blue Jay playoff games.
  • Sportsnet's prime-time share in the Toronto/Hamilton market almost doubled during the Jays' playoff games.
  • The playoff game with the lowest audience was game 1 against Texas where the Jays lost.  Almost 2,000,000 fewer people tuned in to this game than any other playoff game.

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