​​The Academy Awards still bring in the largest audience with just over a third of all Canadians watching for at least a minute this year.  This is an approximate increase of 4% over 2015 where Neil Patrick Harris was the host.  16.1m Ind2+ watched at least one minute of the big three award shows (Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Grammys).  29% watched all 3 and 29% only watched the Academy Awards. Unsurprisingly there is the greatest duplication between the two movie-based award shows.

Quick Facts:

  • The Academy Awards are still the most watched of the three major ceremonies with almost 5.4m Canadians watching this year, an increase of 4% on 2015.
  • Viewing levels were consistent through the entire ceremony with a peak of 6.2m viewers at 22:31 when the award for best supporting actor was announced.
  • 4.6m Ind2+ watched at least a minute of all three awards ceremonies.
  • 45% of Academy Awards viewers are men making it the most male skewed of the three broadcasts.
  • 68% of Academy Awards viewers watched in groups of two or more​.

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