​​​What happened next?

​Wednesday last week I was working late.  Everyone else in the office had gone home, the lights were off and aside from the blue-white glow of my computer screen, all was dark.  The muted clack of the keys on the computer keyboard filled the silence of the room.  I was tired and decided to pack up and go home to the happy chaos of kids.  I stopped typing, turned off my computer, and reached for my coat that I'd hung on the back of my chair at the start of the day.  But the coat wasn't there anymore.  Odd.  I looked at the floor, thinking it must have fallen from the chair.  No coat there either.  A creaking sound from the tiles in the ceiling made me jump.  Startled, I glanced up, only to see the end of my coat disappearing into the ceiling, through a hole where a tile used to be.  Unable to tear my eyes away, I held my breath.  A long, red hand appeared in the hole, and began reaching downwards, a jagged knife gripped tightly between its bony fingers…

We love spooky stories, and we love cliffhangers.  One of the reasons we love them is they play on our need to know what happened next.  Knowing the start of a story is really important, but ultimately the whole story is what we really want. 

When it comes to content, be that programming or ads, knowing 'what happened next' is increasingly important.  What happened after that radio ad?  What effect did that TV ad have?  Did that campaign change how people feel about the brand, did it make them do something different?  Did it work?

At NLogic, we're writing a new story, one based on exploring what happened next.  We call it 'impact of content'.  Using the foundation of the new technology we're creating like Lens Viewers and ConexAPI​, we're going to build out the story of what happens after people see program​ming and ads.

We think you're going to like what happens next at NLogic.

What do you think?  What aspects of impact do you think we should concentrate on?

​​-- David Phillips, president & COO of NLogic

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