​A look at market differences

While there are some changes worth noting for​ Total Canada (Ind2+) biggest changes in tuning habits are most visible on a market by market basis.  We've highlighted several interesting points below.  For details on Quebec Fall TV click here.  To request the full report please email info@nlogic.ca.* 

When looking at F18-34 for total Canada they are watching 4 hours more TV than their male counterparts.  On a market level, Calgary is the key driver behind this with F18-34 actually watching 5 hours more TV, followed by Toronto with 2 hours more than M18-34. Montreal (Anglo) is the only market where M18-34 watch over 2 hours more TV than F18-34. 

Big Bang Theory continues to take the top spot in terms of national conventional program viewing for total Canada across all demos except C2-11 and T12-17 where Amazing Race Canada was #1.  On a market level for Ind2+ Big Bang Theory was bumped to second spot only in Vancouver.

Other highlights: 

  • Total tuning for Ind2+ across total Canada  remained stable compared to Fall 2014
  • Quebec Franco tuning continues to surpass English Canada, watching over 6.5 hours more TV this past Fall.
  • Sportsnet is the top Specialty station, regaining the #1 spot from TSN who was #1 last Fall.
  • National Geographic holds the #1 spot for digital stations over 2a-2a but drops to 3rd with SportsnetOne take top spot during prime time.​

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Market by market at a glance (Ind2+)


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