Shedding some light on the 2015 NHL Playoffs data

As we get deeper and deeper into the playoffs the reporting and analyzing of individual games, series and rounds becomes less complicated because there are fewer games being played. When the playoffs begin there are 16 teams competing in 8 series that are broadcast across a variety of different stations and in different languages.  On busy nights during the first or second round you could be watching a game on CBC and then during intermission they join a different game that is already in progress on a different station or one game goes into overtime and the game that was supposed to follow gets moved to a different station until the current game concludes.  This is great for viewers who want to keep up to date on all games without switching channels but how do we ensure we are reporting each game and series accurately?

The great thing the stations have been doing is providing consistent program naming for the playoffs by round across the different stations.  For example Round 1 on English stations is called “NHL Playoffs Round 1” and on the French stations it’s called “Hockey des series eliminatoires : LNH ronde 1, Le”.  If you are running reports to analyze the rounds overall you can use these types of program filters to pull all the data you need.  The summary line in program crosstab will give you the overall numbers for the rounds and stations you’ve selected.  The AMA in the summary line will be the average from all the programs/games and any reach numbers will be the total number of unique viewers that have tuned into the programs you’ve selected.

If you are looking to analyze how a certain series did you will need to isolate each game of the series, you can do this through combining your program filters with episode filters.  Episode titles are always provided for sporting events.  For example if you are looking to report on the Montreal vs. Ottawa series I would recommend entering a few different episode filter options to ensure you are capturing all the games such as “Montreal”, “Ottawa”, Senators”, “Canadians” etc.  At times you might find some spelling mistakes in the episode field based on preliminary data that won’t be fixed until confirmed data is released so entering a few different options can save you some time and ensure you get everything you need.

If you are looking at things by game and want to get a total number for the game, maybe you want to combine the English and French airing or include some segments of the game that aired on a different station.  To do this you are looking to sum the AMA from the different broadcasts of the single game into a single number.  You don’t want to sum Reach, your total reach will be calculated in the summary line on the crosstab for that game.

We’ve prepared some reports on each round and series of the playoffs which can be viewed on our blog, you can also reach out to your account executive with any specific questions and for help setting up reports.

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