Is Justin Trudeau just not ready?  Is it time to let Harper go? Is Mulcair just another politician we can't afford?

These were just some of the messages Canadians had heard since the first week of August.  We decided to track each parties' advertising levels to see if there was any correlation to the changing public opinion polls.

Despite a strong push in August with 100-300 weekly GRPs on TV across Canada, the Conservatives lagged behind the NDPs until September 14th when they started to pull ahead, according to The Forum Poll.  

Looking at the last couple weeks of advertising data, there was a significant increase in activity across all parties, but most noteably from​​ the Liberals.  This seemed to correlate with their rise in the polls.  Now was it their effective media campaign, poor communication tactics from their adversaries, 'anyone-but-harper' strategic voting or Justin's good looks that turned the tide?​  Hard to say, but it doesn't appear that their push to convert the west or Quebec was very successful.  ​​ 

The chart below looks at total TV and radio spots for each party by market.

​​Cover Image: huffington​​

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