​​​​The Academy Awards is the most watched award show of the year so far, outperforming the Golden Globes by 40% and the Grammy Awards by 50% based on AMA.  However, both the Golden Globes and the Grammy Awards were more consistent with year-over-year trends, the Academy Awards dropped by 16% on AMA and by 9% on reach compared to last year. 


​Quick Facts

  • The Academy Awards is the most watched award show of the year, outperforming The Grammy Awards by 50% and the Golden Globe Awards by 40% based on AMA.
  • Over 12.7 million Canadians tuned into some portion of the Academy Awards, down 9% versus last year.  Playback might increase reach similar to the Golden Globe and Grammy Awards which increased by 6% this year through playback.
  • Reach has increased by 6% through playback for both the Golden Globe and Grammy Awards this year.
  • The Academy Awards audience peaked with 6.1 million viewers at 8:58pm EST.
  • At 222 minutes the Academy Awards is the longest award show broadcast of the year.
  • The average viewer watched 41% of the Academy Awards.
  • 22% of Canadian that tuned into the Academy Awards watched 75% or more of the broadcast.
  • The Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and Golden Globe Awards reached over 16.2 million Canadians through their English broadcasts.
  • Viewers to the big three award shows are 57% female and 43% male.​​​

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Can anyone answer why audience numbers dropped for the Oscar's this year?  No, but if we all answered a few of these questions, maybe we'd have a clearer picture about what influenced it.



* Image: NYTimes.Com