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September 22, 10:32
For A2+, Calgary had the highest playback on Big Brother @Global_TV, compared to any other market #SummerTV… https://t.co/Mi27vtuL65

September 22, 08:22
Congratulations CMA Award Finalists! #NLogic was proud to be a part of the judging process. @CdnMarketing… https://t.co/FfGxFsR0g1

September 21, 13:11
See what our clients are saying about us. We couldn't be more happy! https://t.co/M7nLDf70q8 https://t.co/JbgnBbDUUQ

September 21, 11:43
Hockey and reality shows dominated the summer TV line-up for all markets and all demos. #TVTuning… https://t.co/HbFTiiazKw

September 20, 18:52
#nlogic doing some team building at the #bluejays game tonight!! https://t.co/yaftvpaZpd

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